Saturday, January 7, 2012


almost there. not gay anymore. haha. just need to change my layout and add the song that can be played in my blog. prob is i dunno how to change it to my favourite layout and the song that i want. wish someone could lend a hand.

Friday, January 6, 2012

songs i listen.

songs right before football,

Hangover by Taio Cruz & Flo Rida

In For Da Kill by La Roux, remixed by Skrillex

Over You by Chris Daughtry

songs before bedtime,(if i have the time to listen la),

It Will Rain by Bruno Mars

Today Was A Fairytale by Taylor Swift

Today Was A Fairytale // You Belong With Me by Ahmir

songs i normally listen while im driving,

Good Feeling by Flo-Rida

Domino by Jessie J

Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

Well, I actually listen to various songs according to genres. It depends on my mood though. And yeahh, i choose to listen some rock and pumping beats song before playing because that type of song can boost my confidence to play football well. Haha.

Spend some time and listen them if you dont, folks.

always be my baby when i'm talking to the moon

nice song, folks. & happy morning btw.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

prevent aids is good.

mum showed me this interesting video. check this out, folks.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Those were the days.

It's schooling day today.
And i just realized that i'm not going to school anymore.
I can start to laugh at my juniors that they have to go to school. Haha.
But , thinking of school, it brought me lots of memories. LOTS OF MEMORIES.


Being in a class with Russell, Gilbert, Su May & others are kinda entertaining. Russell will share his experiences with the girls in the class. Sometimes he will be making fun with his girlfriend by playing with her ears. The best thing was Russell's ear got pulled by her when he was making fun with her. He even got chased by his gf around the class and everyone was like, laughing at them. Haha. I've a nice experience with him. While taking a picture for student card, he was asking me how to smile. HAHA. LMAO. He sucked at smiling. I taught the natural way of smiling but it seems that he couldn't adapt to that way. Well, he screwed his student card. HAHA. Other than that, he'll be getting out from his place and come over to my seat just to hold my tummy, touch my ear, compare who's fatter and muscular, style up my hair, and the best was, he hugged me from behind after he'd finished his school work. We actually purposely made the girls in our class to think nonsense on us. Haha. We even go to toilet together like how girls do. Not only girls, TEACHERS were surprised too. And nowadays in school, we, all the 4 guys in the class go toilet together. Haha. Many of my classmates teased us gay. But we're straight actually. Anyway, i will miss you bro. Raja uda one more time? Haha

this is Russell with his gf. 'nice' smile btw. haha.

Gilbert, he'll make some lame noise in the class. But sometimes he make some jokes in the class. Great joker that you must not miss or you'll regret. Funny thing was, he make fun with some girls in the class and run around everywhere. But now, he's officially attached with someone whom he quarreled, argued, joked, etc. for a year already. Congrats to you man. Sorry but you can't be a Father in any church anymore. Haha. But God bless you both man.

 Gilbert the retard with helmet on. See? I told you.

Gilbert, ruining the picture of these 2 ladies. Haha. I was behind btw.

Gilbert & his lover. Bless you both man.

Sumay, seriously, i never knew that we're kindergarten mate till we're 17. Wow. I remembered that i used to get bullied by her in kindergarten. And now, i got to revenge by teasing her being a Blur Queen. Her blurness can be entertaining at times as in she misunderstood what the teacher's teaching. I can't describe how, but it's really funny. Maybe it's because of her smiley face that makes her blurness entertaining. I think it's best to post the pic here so that you can see her entertaining colour.

 sumay eating pattern
 lema. i jeles bcoz of ecx not you.

 sumay's natural pose. seriously.

that was during my inauguration dinner event. dunno what caption to write.

Talking bout society, i'm considered lucky to be chosen as Commandant in VAD(form 6 red crescent). Seriously i've got no idea why i got it. I came from school marching band for 5 solid years with no actual 1st aid background except i learnt from National Service. I know how to march and play musical instrument but no idea how to wrap a bandage on myself if i'm injured and there some ppl who are deserved to be the Commandant. But thank God i've a good exco line-up. We managed to work along well. Well, being a Commandant, I've to be the commander for Merdeka parade on 2010. Being a commander is a no prob, but with a red crescent team of 3 schools, different styles of marching, is really hard to co-operate and sync together. Somehow, we managed to merge well together and won the 3rd placing under the category of NGO. Don't bother who's the 1st or 2nd. We only practised once, went for rehearsal and went straight for parade. And that's considered good and I think we deserve for that. When I used to be in the band, we band fellas will practised thousand times the day right before rehearsal. Then run thru one more time before we went for rehearsal. After rehearsal, we will practise again but for a while before the competition day. During the comp. day, we'll wake up at 3am to get ready our attire and practise for the last time. WTH!!?? Anyway, practise makes perfect. During my time serving the band for 5 years, we won 4 merdeka trophies and got 3rd once and we were really sad to get 3rd cause we practised like HELL. Thinking of getting 3rd in red crescent marching, we're considered lucky. But seriously, our marching was great. The person I admired most is Choo Lai Yee. He's the happy-go-lucky, hard-working, and funnay guy. One thing, he looked serious during marching. HAHA. Gonna miss you la. Heh.

Lazy to write d la. Haha. to be continued...

Monday, January 2, 2012


i just realized something bout my blog. the website, the title of my blog, and everything, are just totally plain gay. should make some changes in this blog. but, i'm not going to post anything else soon as i'm quite busy with my life. sometimes i feel gay for doing this blog. my perspective views says that these stuffs like blogs are meant for girls. i dunno why i have this perspective view. peculiar right?